Company History

From its humble beginning in the basement and garage of Norman Cordes in Ridgewood, NJ to it's present 8500 sq. ft. location in Wyckoff, NJ, Cordes Printing has always focused on excellence in the work produced and in customer service.

Norman had a keen interest in printing as a boy and in his early days of marriage to Ruth Cordes, Norman used a spare bedroom in their home in New Castle, Delaware to set up a small hobby letterpress operation complete with handset lead type and a small Kelsey press.

In the early 60's they moved to Ridgewood, NJ where Norman continued to pursue his hobby in his spare time, making a few dollars along the way. In the mid 70's the hobby grew into a small business and in 1976 Mark joined forces with his dad Norman. Within a few years the business outgrew the house and the business moved into a storefront location on Maple Avenue in Glen Rock, NJ.

For about the next 20 years Cordes Printing went from one storefront to three, as well as using every square inch of space available in the basements as well. It got to the point that the operation felt more like a Chinese take-out kitchen then a print shop as it was so cramped! So in the late 90's Cordes printing moved to it's present location, where the business continued to expand, adding more and more capabilities and taking over more space.

It's been a fun (although a little wild at times) ride over the years! Although technology continues to change and the world of print is changing with it, one thing has remained constant and that is our commitment to provide the best quality combined with excellence in customer service. On that you can count!